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Pain is a Universal Experience

Our lab is interested in discovering the brain mechanisms of pain. Pain is a complex experience, and we are slowly beginning to understand the relationship between brain activity and the various pain dimensions.


We perform brain imaging research with humans and with rodent models of chronic pain. Our overall goal is to identify brain regions and circuits that change with chronic pain.

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Find "A role for the claustrum in cognitive control" in our Publications section. Click the icon to learn more.

Oct. 15th 2022

Congrats on Your 1st, 1st Author Article, Sarah!


Lab PhD Student Sarah just published her first, first author paper! Read all about the spinal cord's role in the pain experience by clicking on the icon.

Sept. 10th 2022

Read Our Newest Publication!


Check out "Three Dimensions of Association Link Migraine Symptoms and Functional Connectivity" on our publications page or by clicking the icon.

June 29th 2022

Neural and Pain Sciences Department
School of Dentistry
University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA

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Medical Biophysics 
Robarts Research Institute
Western University,
London, Ontario


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