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Our lab is interested in discovering the brain mechanisms of pain. Pain is a complex experience, and we are slowly beginning to understand the relationship between brain activity and the various pain dimensions.


We perform brain imaging research with humans and with rodent models of chronic pain. Our overall goal is to identify brain regions and circuits that change with chronic pain.

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Check out lab postdoc Joyce getting  featured in February's edition of CACPR. Click the icon to read to more!

Feb. 24 2021

Welcoming New Faces

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We're welcoming in two new lab members with the New Year! Head over to the People page to meet Luis and Brent.

Jan. 15 2021

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Read our new article

Click the icon to read our newest article "Sensorimotor Peak Alpha Frequency Is a Reliable Biomarker of Prolonged Pain Sensitivity."

Dec. 01 2020

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Seminowicz Pain Imaging Lab

University of Maryland, School of Dentistry

ROOM #: 8404

PHONE: 410-706-4049

EMAIL: Daslab@umaryland.edu

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