David A. Seminowicz, PhD

     I joined the department of Neural and Pain Sciences at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in October, 2010. Prior to that, I did a postdoc at McGill University, after completing my PhD at the University of Toronto.

     My training, starting from undergraduate level at the University of Guelph , is generally in the areas of psychology and neuroscience. During my undergraduate research years, I did independent studies on perceptions of healthcare workers on the elderly, the structure of the porcine vasopressin and oxytocin nucleus, and a human MRI study, investigating the structure of the corpus callosum in twin pairs. After graduating, I tried my luck in a biochemistry lab at the University of Ottawa , investigating the function of human dopamine receptors, but I was soon drawn back into brain imaging, this time studying affective disorders at the Rotman Research Institute  in Toronto. And then I found pain research, and here I am. I chose to stick with the pain field because it is a challenging topic involving all levels of the nervous system, and because millions of people are suffering from chronic painful conditions that need better treatments that will hopefully be the fruits of our collective reasearch efforts.