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Imaging Basics

we've compiled some "good place to start" resources for beginners who are wanting to learn more about imaging research and what we do here at the lab. 

  • fMRI Resources

Perfect for the basics of understanding fMRI data and analytics.

Great brief history and Mechanics of fmri

Check out this video on how to run an fmri experiment. this is a great video on what a participant might expect on scan day, but keep in mind that each lab and experiment does things a little differently!

  • EEG Resources

Great 2 minute video about EEG

Read about what to expect when getting an EEG

Read about EEG history, mechanics, theory and practice.

  • Animal study Resources

Watch why it's important to use animals in research

We normally use rats in our animal studies, but watch how it can be complicated to use animals (and sometimes humans!) in imaging research 

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