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Past Studies

Alpha as a Predictive Biomarker (APB)

While a simple EEG-based test could provide a useful diagnostic tool for assessing pain objectively, no study to date has evaluated this potential in a systematic way. Here we propose to build on our ongoing work to develop a reliable and simple measure of pain. Our overall aim is to determine the predictive accuracy, reliability, and specificity of EEG alpha activity in acute pain and a model of neuropathic pain in healthy subjects.

Relevant papers:

Cerebral peak alpha frequency reflects average pain severity in a human model of sustained, musculoskeletal pain.

Central Nervous System Mechanisms
of Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is an unusual condition characterized by the perception of burning on the tongue, lips and hard palate, and often other areas of the mouth. Our ongoing work aims to investigate the central nervous system mechanisms of this disorder through a systematic approach that includes the use of EEG, MRI, salivary and blood biomarkers, quantitative sensory testing, diaries and questionnaires. 


Relevant papers:

Altered structure and function in the hippocampus and medial prefrontal cortex in patients with burning mouth syndrome

A Clinical Trial for Migraine


We recently completed an NIH/NCCIH-sponsored clinical trial investigating stress reduction techniques for episodic migraine. In the study, we assess clinical outcomes, quantitative sensory testing measures, and brain structure and function (as measured by MRI) at multiple time points during the intervention. What does a migraine feel like?

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